What is the Most Effective Form of Online Advertising?

Paid search is a popular way to bid on relevant terms and phrases that can cause users to show text ads when they enter specific search queries into Google or Bing.

Graphic advertisements

are one of the most visible forms of online advertising, usually containing images or videos and posted in designated places within any given website, such as a blog. Email advertising is another common type of online marketing tool that uses webmails, sending emails to users who have email addresses to inform them about specific promotions, offers, discounts, product launches, product features, etc. Twitter is also a great way to increase sales or market products and services online.

SEO and online advertising can also be beneficial for a company's success. Given the immense benefits of online advertising, more and more companies are turning to it to promote their products and services to their target customers. The Internet is an essential part of launching an advertising campaign since more and more people are spending more time online. It's important to consider the value offered by each advertising platform before deciding on the type of online advertisement for your company.

Interstitial videos are one of the best types of online advertising for mobile platforms as they occupy the user's entire screen between games, at the beginning of loading the application or web page. Viral online advertising is very memorable, interactive and attractive, with a 25% higher participation rate than average according to IAB. The main goal of this form of online advertising is to attract the attention of Internet users (potential customers) and be so striking that they share these advertisements without realizing they are sharing ads. Interstitial-based types of online advertising campaigns require more advanced advertising platforms with greater capacity since creativity can carry greater weight.

Video ads are considered to be the most effective form of online ads as users find them attractive and interactive. Search engine advertising is less effective for startups with relatively new products or products that customers prefer to buy in physical stores rather than online. Each type of online advertising can be tested separately, tracking the conversion rate and ROI and allocating more budget for maximum coverage in the most cost-effective medium. Web advertising on Google Shopping (also known as “shopping ads”) is a relatively new tool compared to other types of online advertisements mentioned above.

Online ads are an important part of online marketing as they help companies reach their target customers and increase sales. Different types of online advertising can be combined to form a 360° campaign or used individually. It's important for companies to understand which type of advertisement works best for them in order to maximize their return on investment.

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