What is the Fastest Growing Advertisement Media?

Search is currently the most rapidly expanding format in online advertising, according to eMarketer. Last year, U. S. advertisers accounted for around 46.3% of the money invested in retail digital advertising.

But what about other platforms? Is BeReal the next big thing? Is TikTok still only for Generation Z?BeReal recorded a 313% growth in usage among surveyed consumers, likely due to its unique features. It allows users to post a photo of themselves without any filters for a few time intervals, designated by the application every day. This led to an increase from 0.7% to 2.8% of the population using the platform, with Generation Z driving this growth from 1% to 13%. However, with other competitors trying to copy BeReal's platform, it risks becoming another modern social media platform that gets forgotten or lost in confusion. Twitch also saw an increase in usage across generations, especially among boomers.

The number of people from the boomer generation using TikTok grew by 164%, demonstrating that they are echoing many of the viral trends and applications of Generation Z. Twitter attracted approximately 12% more users from Generation X and 27% more users from the boomer generation. On the other hand, the use of LinkedIn declined slightly every two generations, but its use among boomers grew from 11% to 20%, representing an increase of 85%. Between May and January, the use of TikTok among surveyed consumers grew by 16%.The report also showed that the average cost of television advertising is expected to increase between 11 and 14% this year, compared to an expected increase of 7% in price of online video.

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